January 2024 - June 2024
Product Design Lead
Product Designer
SaaS Platform
0-1 development
High craft

Cybersecurity On-demand

I led the Capital One Software design team in creating and launching the first Data Security product in Capital One, On-demand Data Security, while trailblazing Software's ecosystem and rebrand efforts.

From idea to first prototype, to iterations, to high-craft. This product is expected to launch in fall 2024.

The team
The Problem
Capital One Software's approach to securing customer private data is through tokenization. But it lacks the ability to handle on-demand tokenization requests initiated by non-technical users.
The job-to-be-done
As a non-tech user, I want to be able to tokenize data on-demand without coding or asking the engineering team.
What I did
1) 0-1 idea building and fast initial prototyping and concept making.

2) Leading design jams and cross-stakeholder design collaboration to collect input.

3) Centralized team communication through document artifacts, asynchronous file construction, and weekly presentations.

4) Crafted high-fidelity product from ambiguous space.

Tokenize from a quick paste-

The first journey required a "simple paste" success journey. I created a paste-copy user experience that contained the back-end requirements to successfully tokenize raw data and transformed it into an easy-to-access experience.

To a lengthy file!

The second journey was messier- extract the column headers of a 25MB document, allowing users to filter and choose which files to tokenize. I pitched a model that was a step-by-step guide with guard-rails to maximize the success of our non-tech user.

With guard rails for non-tech users

'Dynamic headers' and a 'Step tracker' are some of the new additions to the Capital One Software component library I created for the sake of the user. As an atomic strategist, I wanted to add guard rails for the success a user who has never tokenized data before.

Oh! Wanna learn about the process?

Reach out to me directly for a deep-dive, or explore the next project!