I'm Xavier and I believe that

A good designer makes order
out of chaos


Nothing is precious! Be scrappy and tare things apart.

Xavier F. Vazquez

come to space with me!

Let's talk about how I got here...

June 2020
Shape Lab @ d.school
User Experience Research
Worked under Prof. Follmer and PhD Alexa F. Siu & Dan Fan to research data visualization for blind and visually impaired folk during COVID, where I created prototypes of sonification software and collected data from 108 users. I presented my data and prototypes at the Stanford Symposium.

You can read our published article here.
June 2021
Las Americas Immigration Center
Product Manager
Tackled the issue of post-release strategies for refugees by creating an interactive, icon-first, database. Led a team of researchers to collect data while I designed and programmed the product while making sure we reached deadlines

¡We Launched!
August 2021
Kimberly-Clark Corp
UI/UX Journey-based Intern
For the next 8 months, I worked to hone my UI/UX skills @ Kimberly-Clark working on huge family brands such as Huggies & Cottonelle, while also taking the time to learn about research through a Salesforce redesign and internal projects for their supply-chain like Control Tower.
June 2022
Capital One
Design Systems Intern
I worked on Capital One's design system which is currently in a 3.0 phase to centralize all other Capital One design systems into one. For my work, I worked on the 3.0 UI Icon Library in making all icons into intuitive components and building on their Lookbook which served as a way to bring their iOS components into life.
My mission is to provide sustainable solutions to all platforms to ensure the ability for long-term success.
I was born and raised in a small town in Jalisco, MX. Immigrating into the US proved to be one of the most arduous experiences of my life, but also also allowed for a fire to kindle within me that would only be quenched by tangible impact to my community.

Outside of my screen and the Product Realization Lab @ Stanford, you can find me rollerskating, hiking, or painting on new thrifted pants.

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