Control Tower Native

Control Tower’s vision is to enable a world class supply chain for KC, which is orchestrated end to end by a platform that has the ability to react, predict and drive operations autonomously thereby giving the best customer experience at the lowest cost.
UI Native & Storytelling
As a result of lack of team communication and EOD conversations, Kimberly-Clark needed to circumvent the problem of chain efficiency. Control Tower is a product providing end-to-end visibility for supply chain activities. Starting with the POC to evaluate build vs buy and ultimately productization.
- Optimizes consumer experience.
- A neural network that orchestrates end to end SC operations.
- A Digital assistant to SC Business, that drives out cost of operations.
- A platform that will bring in forecasts, orders, shipment, inventory etc on a single network.
Designer | Xavier F. Vazquez
Designer | Nancy Ma
Product Lead | Andy Ford
- UX Research
- Transferring of desktop to mobile flows
- Flows for checking shipment status and filtering for shipments.
- Flows for homepage and information on shipment status.
- Case Study storytelling
As this was an internal project, I interviewed four KC associates with varied experience to learn about the supply-chain experience in KC. Below you will learn about Ben Jones.
Nonavailability of full cycle visibility, limited exposure to  tech savvy tools, excel mismanagement and slow team feedback hinders realtime data access @ KC.
Created FOURKITES mobile flow for Network that included overview of Ready-for-Shipment, In-Transit, and Delivered options. Included shipment information and Performance Map for different KC carriers.
Data analysts @ KC have a targeted savings of $80M by 2023 as a result of a rise in SC efficiency with a 3% OTIF improvement by the targeted year.