20 weeks
Product designer
Physical product realization

A portable swing: Flutter

College students aren't having enough fun. It's spring and as a result of academic and personal responsibilities, students have 10 minutes between classes... so why not make fun portable?

My Product design capstone project was a tote-bag that turns into a swing.

The team
The Problem
With a scattered schedule and little time, college students aren't having enough fun.

What I did
I owned our branding and two prototype ideas which I built, tested, iterated, and created insights for the team.

As a team, we sourced materials, bag manufacturers, and honed our sewing and pattern-making toolkit to create our final prototype.
How SANDBOX split the 20 weeks
1) Week 1-4, Identify a problem space, research, need-find, and create insights.

2) Week 5-10, lo-fi prototypes, split and conquer, refine ideas, brain storm

3) Week 11-18, refine, prototype, and create higher-fidelity models

4) Week 19-20, market and pitch

Short bursts of joy

Why a swing? Through user testing, we found the most success (ask me about metrics) in the swings SANDBOX put around campus.

Flutter's entire design process was formulated around the design opportunity to create "short bursts of joy" that can fit in a busy college student's schedule.

... right on your shoulder

"Everyone loves swings, so what if we make it portable?"

From here, SANDBOX refined the problem until we ended with a product that can also be easily implemented in student's lives: a tote. Carry your personable valuables AND be ready to swing (on a tree) at a minute's notice.

With an immersive setting-up experience

Our team in SANDBOX wanted to make every minute of our user to count. Therefore, we cut down the set-up to just under two minutes and added layers and options to it so that every piece of Flutter feels new and exciting.

Just clip a shoe (or a non-valuable) to our carabiner and throw it over any branch!
Watch the set up

Oh! Wanna learn more about the process?

Reach out to me directly for a deep-dive, or explore the next project!