Webtoon Desktop Redesign

Reimagine discoverability of comics and managing subscriptions of authors for desktop.
Desktop UI & Accessibility
Elena Kamas
Xavier F. Vazqeuz
Project for our Product Exploration course @ Stanford. I, alongside my partners monitored interviews, created flows, and made our high-fidelity models come to life!
The scope of the project dealt with two journeys fo the Webtoon desktop platform: (1) discoverability and (2) managing subscriptions.

For discoverability, Webtoon used calendars and other features which didn't seem relevant to the user. In the example of the calendar, what does the day of the week it releases have to do with the relevance to the user.

Managing subscriptions was also a difficult task as Webtoon shelved the user's subscriptions under various tabs making the journey of finding a user's list difficult to find.

Let's look at the rest of the project through our persona's eyes, Laura!

Through our discussion with multiple active Webtoon users, we honed our understanding of the project to the general public into one character: Laura.

Through current Webtoon features, Laura was notably confused about the flows of the platform, discouraged from exploring or simply uninterested in content presented to her. We moved forward with these themes to construct a frame:

How can we make exploring content feel like buying a new pair of jeans?

How can we make subscribing to a series feel like a Netflix binge?

Our first take out how the Explore page, Subscription dashboard, Series home and Reader views only served as a hinder. It seemed that our attempt to recreate the experience confused Laura further as our dashboard was too linear with scattered search boxes.

We took a step back and tried to process the project in another light.

The Redesign

The homepage is now more linked to other sites of the website which unites the UX.

UI Changes: Dark Theme, genre cards, profile view.

UX Changes: Linked to explore.
Laura will be able to filter from homepage into genres that interest her. At any time, Laura can subscribe to the comic and manage from her dashboard.

UI Changes: Dark Theme, new card models, new carrousel, genre cards, genre pills.

UX Changes: Navigating to new comics and adding to dashboard.
Once navigated to the page, Laura can scope her subscriptions, her own creations, and a community tab!
It's important to discuss the WHY we did it rather than the WHAT we did. We noticed the strain caused by the #white and #neongreen colors in the original desktop version of Webtoon. After collaborating, we came to the conclusion that it would be important to move forward with the project with adequately contrasting colors that stick to Webtoon's brand.
We created a brand pallet alongside checking to see the and make sure our colors passed the Web3 Contrast Checker