12 weeks
Product Design Lead
UI/UX Design Intern
Web development
User research
Design system

Shopping & Coupons

... and other journeys redesigned

With competitors averaging 260% more visits than Cottonelle and an average 1.05 minutes on the site, I pitched the problem to my manager and sourced a redesign project for Cottonelle, one of Kimberly-Clark's products.

I created a clearer information architecture and added four web-specific user experiences around shopping, couponing, and registering.

The team
*** Cottonelle site visits in January 2022
The Problem
User problem: When I land on Cottonelle.com, the bannners don't have a clear call-to-action. As a result, I decide to navigate away.

Business problem: Retainability and foot-traffic on the Cottonelle website are both terribly low. This means users aren't interacting with our product to its fullest potential.
The job-to-be-done
As a caregiver and provider for a family, I want to easily get to the products I need and apply discounts when possible.
The tasks
1) Source and interview family heads to gather insights and pain points of Cottonelle.com

2) Design and iterate journeys to pitch to key stakeholders new ideas for Cottonelle.com. This is the most ambiguous taks.

3) Create a base design system to start a set of building blocks for our team of designers to use.

New features for users to explore on-site

From user interviews and insight frameworks, I found a need to clarify the 1) Cottonelle on-site shopping experience, 2) filling questionnares, 3) couponing, 4) sustainability information and 5) other information.

... with a little bit of fun

Given the nature of my role on the project, I wanted to pitch components that added a playfulness to the experience and leveraged the existing branding of Cottonelle.

A design system? Finally!

Because of other efforts, including the creation of the Huggies design system, the Kimberly-Clark team had yet to begin a Cottonelle-specific branding guideline or design system.

I saw this as an opportunity to create the base with old and new pieces of the website. This design system began to be used as a key document in Kimberly-clark branding strategy- win!

Oh! Wanna learn about the process?

Reach out to me directly for a deep-dive, or explore the next project!