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Company Follow

As Glassdoor innovated, the company follow feature on mobile was sunset. User feedback declared a desire to reintroduce this feature for easier navigation.

I reintroduced company follows through company follow management and exploring alongside button patterns.

The team
*** sticky notes are true, the rest of the picture is staged, unfortunately.
The Problem
Users are struggling to find company follow management page.
The job-to-be-done
As a job seeker, I want a fixed page where I can collect and manage the companies I am interested in keeping up with.
The tasks
1) Create an "Explore" journey. When a user isn't following a company yet, how will they have a pivot onto an explore UI? How might a user branch into other companies?

2) Create a "Management" journey. From the user's profile, how can they check the companies they already follow? How might they navigate between companies? How might they unfollow?

Easy pivots

When a user isn’t following any company yet, their company follow management page will have a pivot onto a company explore UX through a search bar.

Consistent follow experience

From the user's profile, they will be able to check the companies they already follow and choose to unfollow.

I implemented button patterns here and strategized around where else, besides the company management place, they belong.

Oh! And sky-level visual strategy for Promotions

The Company Follows project rose further questions about whether follow patterns belong. These conversations led to Employer promotions and what company cards look like.

The tasks were:
1. Create a company card
2. Align on visual choices for quick promotion components
3. Create a flow for the exploring experience

The job-to-be-done
As a job seeker, when I’m exploring my Glassdoor feed, I want to explore companies, so that I can be updated with new job alerts, company updates, and conversations around the company.

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